Improving Sight Lines in St George’s Square – Public Works activity on concrete wall/plante

Staff address issues around the Downtown “Walkway”

I am pleased to share with you that the Public Works Department and the DGBA are working together to increase safety and security in the downtown. Specifically a minor project will commence soon that will involve the removal of the top level of the concrete wall located behind the fountain in St. George’s Square (adjacent to the Bank of Montreal). This work will improve the sight lines from Wyndham St and Quebec St north-west into the alley way leading to the Baker Street lot. This area has been a troublesome spot for public mischief as identified to by the Guelph Police Service and acknowledged by the DGBA Executive. The construction work is scheduled to begin early next week and the anticipated duration of the project is one week.

Please find attached the communication that was distributed by the DGBA yesterday to the businesses in the immediate area of St. George’s Square.  Staff

DGBA – St Georges Square Wall Communication


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