I very much enjoyed hearing you, Councillor Findlay, on CBC this morning. More than a year ago you were gracious in giving your time to a small group of landscape architecture students tackling the problem of urination in Guelph. The students did a wonderful bit of background research and developed what I think are realistic and functional designs for both public washrooms and sidewalk toilets. Having just returned from the UK, I was once again struck by the provision of public toilets in even the smallest village. Although I am sure young people exiting pubs at night use these facilities, even older tourists such as me find them useful. Having traveled the world, I have been struck that with perhaps the exception of pockets in North America, the provision of public toilets seems to be a civic responsibility (even though many require small fees).

After finishing up their design, the students and I had hoped to present our work to any interested parties but arrangements and timing were problematic. In lieu, I have attached a few files that I hope you might take a few minutes to review. The students really did some promising work and I don’t like to see so many ideas sit on a shelf. I sent Ian Panabaker similar files a few weeks ago. Their design were ‘green’ maintainable, aesthetic, assessable, mixed gender and responded to policing safety concerns. The files attached are fairly low quality but I can produce higher quality prints if you are interested.  NP

The Pissoir Problem

Pissoir Conceptual Design Board

Pissoir Analysis Board


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