Guelph is a single tier municipality.

It was reported in the July 5 edition of the Guelph Tribune that the Province does not regard Guelph as a “single tier municipality” but rather a “separated city”.

Feeling confused (and apparently “nuts”), I asked my crack research staff to provide some clarification. A quick internet search lead us to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs website on Local Government:

Low and behold there is a definition of Single Tier Municipalities. Guelph even get referenced as an example.

“Single tier municipalities are also referred to as local municipalities and include:
• single tiers created by the amalgamation of former regions, such as the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Greater Sudbury (generally large, self-contained service areas with sole responsibility for all municipal services, including all consolidated municipal services)
• single tiers created by the amalgamation of former counties, such as the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the City of Kawartha Lakes (with sole responsibility for most municipal services, including most consolidated municipal services)
• separated municipalities in southern Ontario – such as the cities of Cornwall, Barrie, Brockville, Brantford, Guelph, Kingston, London and Windsor, the towns of Gananoque, Prescott, Smiths Falls, St. Marys and the Township of Pelee – which are not members of the upper tier municipalities in which they are geographically situated, although they share responsibility with them for consolidated municipal services and some other services
• all municipalities in northern Ontario.”

So there you have it. Guelph is a single tier municipality as defined by the Province.

Assertive maturity doesn’t need to be this hard.     ian



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7 responses to “Guelph is a single tier municipality.

  1. Jim

    Ok Ian, so Guelph, although is a separated city, it is still a single tier municipality. What does this mean as it relates to Guelph separating from the Health Unit? Do we have the right to affect our neighbours in a negative fashion? You can say they have done this to us, but then again let’s look at the facts…
    Farbridge and Laidlaw were members of the committee for three years prior to this bombshell. You going to tell me they didn’t know about this plan of a new facility back then? Why wasn’t it brought to the forefront or discussed back then? Why is it that when announced it was a complete surprise and nobody knew? Why is it that we cannot afford the money as it would put us in dire straits? Why is it that we say we are in great shape with a “AA” rating but we would be strapped to come up with $10mil yet we are still going ahead with Farbridge and Laird edifices, as in City Hall, Carden St, Wet facility and new garbage trucks? Why is it that we are planning to pay out millions in legal costs due to lawsuits involving city hall? Seems to me like City Hall is too busy looking after themselves and not looking after Guelph. Too much BS is what I am hearing Ian. There are good councillors on staff Ian, but the road they are being taken down, by so called leadership is not a good one. Stand up, have some B_lls and help make things right.

  2. ianward2

    Thanks Jim.

    This is about Guelph elected officials being transparent and accountable to residents for monies spent on their behalf.
    The current model allows outside agencies, with no political accountability, to make decisions about how your property tax dollars are spent.


    PS. Me and my gonads are doing fine and enjoying this wonderful summer.

    • Jim

      That’s what I always have liked about you Ian. You do have Gonads. However, here you are skating the questions. This is not about being transparent and accountable as we have covered this subject to many times. We are still asking the questions because they keep getting answered with “This is about Guelph elected officials being transparent and accountable”. When do we start answering the questions? How are you accountable if you don’t answer the questions?

  3. ianward2

    You are absolutely right Jim.
    There are a lot of questions that I need to be able to respond to (without litigation lawyers examining my every utterance):

    Do I support the PHU demand that Guelph pay for a new centralized facility on leased land as proposed?
    Or do we lease an existing facility and let the province continue to pay?
    Or do we have a decentralized PHU with neighbourhood offices in community centres such as Shelldale?
    Or is it better to have a combined PHU with the health care facility on Dawson Rd or the proposed south end health facility?
    Or is there another proposed municipal capital facility that could accommodate the needs?
    Why is there Guelph taxpayer money being spent in Guelph and Wellington County without Guelph City Council approval?

    Right now I only have an answer to the first question.

    • Jim

      Ian – You do a lot of good things on council as do other members, however, this accountability and transparency thing has become a standard for which is a shield to hide behind with no definition. You want me to be a voter at election time and yet can’t figure out why so many give up and don’t.
      I don’t think any of us want our money spent on more edifices like city hall or the new garbage system but in those cases you did anyways and those are amounting to ten times what this is. I am in disagreement with the value of your new digs, but no one at city hall cared. So now you are going to protect me from $10mil in expenditures and will spend even more in court costs to protect me? You would dismantle our health system and claim you can do better, just because they want an edifice, which we knew was coming but did nothing back then. Our infrastructure is falling apart and City Hall thinks they have credibility with those that pay their way. It’s a shame that we the tax payers are held hostage to city hall whims. I’m not seeing your Gonads here Ian.
      PS – Since when did Guelph City Council become the almighty (“Why is there Guelph taxpayer money being spent in Guelph and Wellington County without Guelph City Council approval?”) Maybe this should read without the taxpayers say. You forget that less than half of the eligible voters actually voted last time and Farbridge and Laidlaw certainly did not represent us during their three years on the health board.

  4. ianward2

    “Maybe this should read without the taxpayers say.” Absolutely agree.

    Minor point of clarification, the new City Hall was approved during the 2003-2006 term of Council.
    I was elected in November 2006, after construction started.
    Nevertheless, I am still accountable for the project.

  5. Jim

    Ian – The term of “you” was not reflected at you personally. It refers to those in city hall, today, yesterday and or in the future. “You” are simply part of the group in city hall now. In other words, city hall is to blame, not Ian personally, in this case anyways.

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