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This week, I purchased a tag for my dog for the 13th time. While I understand that the Society needs revenue, I am finding it increasingly annoying to go through this annual ritual.

One part of my objection is based on the fact that I am required to purchase a tag every year basically because I was honest when I got a puppy a long time ago, and purchased one then. Most of my ‘doggie’ friends did not do this, and have therefore never been required to get a tag – a significant saving over the years. So, your method of identifying ‘taggable’ dogs is not too consistent.

The other part of my objection is due to the fact that my particular pooch is now 13 years old, as noted above, diabetic, and blind. He is not actually causing a lot of havoc in the neighbourhood. It seems to me, that at age 10, eligible dogs should get a ‘gold’ tag, which is good for life. That would be fair to good owners who take good care of their pets, would provide excellent PR for the Society (which you need, based on recent local coverage of your governance), and be cheaper than any advertising you can buy.


Thank you for your email. While I understand your feelings on this matter, I’m afraid that it is not issue that can be waived on an individual basis.
It is a Municipal By-Law which the Guelph Humane Society has been contracted by the City of Guelph to maintain and enforce.

The Guelph Humane Society receives only a portion of the revenue from the sale of dog tags, with the balance of the revenues going to the City of Guelph. The Humane Society’s revenue is then put towards the costs associated with the ordering and imprinting of the tags, as well as the associated costs of pre-printing the forms, the mass mail-out for the new year reminders as well as the ongoing maintenance of the program. As you may imagine this utilizes many hours of the licensing departments time.

It is a fact that there are many dogs and dog owners who are not in compliance with this By-Law, and we at the Guelph Humane Society strive every year to increase compliance for the City of Guelph. In response to this concern, we are implementing a new program this year where-in we will have staff go door-to-door to increase the number of licensed dogs within the City of Guelph. If you are aware of any specific neighborhoods or addresses where dogs are not licensed, we welcome that information and will act upon it to ensure compliance with the Dog Licensing By-Law of the City of Guelph. Guelph Humane Society



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5 responses to “Dog License

  1. K.

    Dear Person,

    While I appreciate your concern re. paying for a tag year after year, I have to disagree – but for one simple reason:

    In the event one of our dogs bit someone (and I am in NO WAY assuming ours would), an up-to-date tag would prove they had their rabies shots, thus preventing a devastating outcome for our pets, as testing for rabies can only be confirmed upon euthanasia. I would hate to lose my dog that way 😦

    And I honestly don’t mind the annual fee if it also benefits the Humane Society – that’s where we got our dog. We got her as a puppy and eleven years later, she’s still going strong 🙂

  2. Jim Grant

    Dear Person – As “K” has indicated above the licensing of the city animals goes to a good cause and protection of it’s citizens. It also assists in all the strays that are picked up through the year. Just think, if we had 100% compliance, would we have less animals caged up at the society and more in loving homes. This of course is not to say the Humane Society is not loving of all these animals.

    There are two issue’s above though that I would comment on
    1) I did not know a portion of our license fee goes to the city..I don’t know what this pays for etc etc.
    2) I don’t think asking citizens to be snitch’s is going to bring about any PR the Society wants.

  3. K.

    Right on, Jim – I wonder why the City would benefit from this collection. All proceeds should go to the Humane Society to help with the promotion of finding homes for the animals. It just seems like some sort of Administration cut to me.

    I also agree with the snitching factor: What if you have a beef with your neighbour? Report ’em – and they’ll know who did it. It would create havoc.

    (I had a friend who did something similar, and his online accounts were hacked out of revenge, so that’s why I only use an initial and not my full name like he did).

  4. Jane Nemec

    I recently got the new license for my dog in December 2010 for the new year 2011. My dog passed away on January 19th, 2011 unexpectedly. (She was not yet 6 years old) Could I get a refund for the remaining months on her license?
    Looking forward to your reply

    • K.

      You might be able to, Jane. (That’s sad about your pet – I’m always saddened by the loss of a sentient who loves us unconditionally). I lost a pet a few years back and took her to Gateway for cremation.

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