Great Work Done – River Run Centre

This letter was originally sent to the staff at the River Run Centre:

I attended the Piano Man and was very impressed!

The primary purpose of my visit to the area was to stay in a B & B and “see” if Guelph was where I would “set-up shop”; Not only corporately but personally.

My children live in London and I travel extensively (internationally) for business and needed an additional location to hang my hat while in the Country.

It was a very pleasant surprise to come across the wonderful culture and people of your great city. Being from an arts background I can appreciate that a healthy arts community has a direct correlation to the “mood” of the surrounding area. I must congratulate you on assisting to create a wonderful sense of positive energy in your community.

My experience in Guelph was a very positive one; with the culmination of your centre being the proverbial icing on the cake. Thank you again for a lovely evening.

P.S. My guest for the evening is a professional singer / performer and her father is a world renowned vocal coach with a Masters degree from Julliard, who works with some of the biggest names in the business, …. needless to say she knows what she is talking about……. and was also VERY impressed!

In the end I am continuing to search for a residence in Guelph and once purchased, I hope to enjoy more of the entertainment that your centre has to offer.
(Jim Witter’s other shows would do very well at your centre!)IN


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