I strongly support the cancellation of the University of Guelph universal bus pass.

As a University of Guelph student I strongly support the cancellation of the universal bus pass. $61 per semester (which adds up to over $500 over my years at university) is a lot to pay for a service I don’t use. I have previously expressed these concerns to my student council, but they just ignore it. In fact it is from them that I learned of the possible bus pass cancellation in an e-mail that urged students to oppose this. They even provided a message for students to copy and paste into an e-mail to send to you.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support the cancellation of the universal bus pass.KD



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5 responses to “I strongly support the cancellation of the University of Guelph universal bus pass.

  1. Sherry

    Hi there,

    I think you may have misunderstood the email sent by the CSA. The “council is not considering canceling the bus pass. [They] would simply like to adjust the pricing so that it is fair for all students.” (Ian Findlay – Ward2 councillor)

    According to the CSA email, the council is considering putting the prices up from 61.63/SEMESTER to $62/MONTH, and it will still be MANDATORY to pay for. By the end of our studies, we will have paid well over $2000 for the bus service.

    It would be advisable to object the fee increase by sending the CSA’s provided message, or write a letter to the University about making the bus pass non-mandatory.

  2. Jill

    Hi there,

    I completely understand what you’re saying about not wanting to have to pay for the bus pass. I lived in an apartment last year where I didn’t really need to use the bus, and pretty much wasn’t able to because none of the busses near me took me close to the university.

    However, there are a LOT of students who rely on that bus pass to get them to and from school, and around the city every day. So, I would kindly suggest that perhaps you don’t support the movement to cancel it, but rather support/suggest an alternative where the bus pass is optional for students.

    Just thought I’d offer my perspective 🙂

  3. Nick

    So you don’t use the bus and dislike having to pay $61 per semester for a bus pass. That’s fine for you – but what about the THOUSANDS of U of G students to rely on city buses to get to and from class every single day? What about the fact that a single year’s worth of bus passes under the proposed system would cost more than your entire stay at the university? $744 per year in total to use the bus, that’s almost three thousand dollars over a typical four-year degree, and even more if you plan on post-graduate studies or getting a second degree.

    Oh no, you have to spend a little money on something you don’t use. Poor thing. Get used to it – paying for social services you don’t use is a part of living in the real world. You pay for other services you most likely don’t use in your tuition. You pay taxes, which go to hundreds of social services you don’t and probably never will use. That’s a fact of living in Canada. But you know what? Millions of other people pay for services they don’t use that YOU do. And they don’t complain, because they know they’re receiving a benefit, and if it wasn’t for the combined efforts of everyone to pay for these services, nobody would get to use them.

  4. uofg Student

    It’s really backwards thinking.
    Cancelling the bus pass, OR upping the price to over 4 times what it is now makes very little sense. The Guelph Transit system, if they are suffering now, would suffer major drops in usage (hey maybe we’d get fitter too)…The amount of money they make each year from the university bus passes as it stands, I am sure constitutes a very large chunk of their revenue. The City is suffering financially, and because the students are the major money spending demographic in this city, we are being made to recover costs for their poorly chosen expenditures. Students fought for reasonably priced universal bus passes for students all across the country…There would always be a few students who own cars, live very close to campus and maybe never use the Transit system. There are also Many students who never use the athletic facilities or don’t go into certain new buildings ever, but we all pay for these things through mandatory student fees. If anything should be done here, its to give students the option of opting out of any fees for things they never use. The answer is not to charge insanely higher amounts and have us all suffer. They are just trying to make money here, not solve any problems about students being able to opt out…the City wants to make money from us because we are vulnerable as students without any other choice of affordable transportation…to exploit students because you have a monopoly over a certain service is not the way to go… to allow individual students to opt out of the mandatory bus pass if they choose is the right direction…don’t make the majority of us suffer.

  5. KD

    I am sorry to everyone who read the private e-mail I sent to Ian Findlay. It was a quick reaction that I did not put much thought into and I did not give him permission to post it. The e-mail from the CSA really frustrated me because it suggested that the bus pass plan was important to the majority of students, when in reality only half actually use the bus pass regularly if at all (7,000 out of 20,000 students didn’t even pick up their sticker).

    I am not against the bus pass itself, I am against the fact that there is no opt-out option. It is a city service, not a university service, so it should not be mandatory for all university students. Many students are already paying for other forms of transportation (i.e. GO transit or parking passes or even an additional bus pass for the city in which they live). Some students can’t afford to live in the city of Guelph, and a city of Guelph bus pass is useless to them there. I realize that sometimes we have to pay for services we don’t use within a community, and I am not one to complain about fees for services WITHIN the university (i.e. athletic centre). However, university fees should not include fees for city services, and if they do, there should be an option to opt out (just like the dental plan). That may increase the semester rate of the bus pass for the students who do not opt out, but they would still get it at a discounted rate, and the students who don’t use it would not have the additional financial burden.

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