Following the sod turning event to launch the start of the HCBP, a staff member and myself were the first to return to our bus. We were greeted by what could be described as a feral mob of protesters, dressed in Halloween costumes chanting “Fuck You Scum! Fuck You Scum!”.

Once we were inside the bus, the enraged protestors rushed the bus, continuing to yell “Fuck You Scum!”, flipping us the bird, pounding and spitting on the windows of the bus and blocking it’s path of exit.

This was a very angry mob!

According to the protesters website, this was intended to be a “peaceful protest” and “street theatre” against the HCBP.

This was not “peaceful”. This was not “street theatre”. This was an attempt at mob rule.

Had it not been for the significant Police and security presence, the situation would have violently escalated.

Why would protesters resort to acts of near violence and physical intimidation towards community leaders supporting a business park?

Because it’s not about the business park dummy.

This is really about anarchism fueled by a cult of personality.   ian



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15 responses to ““FUCK YOU SCUM! FUCK YOU SCUM!”

  1. Bruce Weaver

    Hi Ian,
    I’m very sorry to hear that you and your colleagues were subjected to such abuse. I know that many environmentalists in Guelph abhore such action and are convinced that much of the HCBP is not significant in terms of forest growth and that the city’s plans represent the appropriate compromises that discourage sprawl and also protect truly important water discharge areas and other significant natural areas. I support the city in this work, despite having some reservations about recharge areas, because I believe that this is the best that could be realized in this development.
    Again I condemn this uncivil action by the protestors.

  2. Kelly de Burgh

    Some friends and I went to this protest, it was the most fun I had in a long time. The cool thing was the ten or so elderly and middle aged people there too – also shouting ‘Shame!’ at the councilors and other sell outs. They loved it! And they know their stuff. They gave me print outs of the last council meeting where city council snuck in a vote to get the ministry of natural resources to let the city take advantage of an exemption in the endangered species act.

    But there was also clever ‘street theatre’ too which made all of us laugh a lot. Robin Hood made an appearance. So too did the mnr, the grim reaper, a rich capitalist, and creatures from the forest make an appearance. Lots of fun.

    “Why would protesters resort to acts of near violence and physical intimidation towards community leaders supporting a business park?” You are turning the planet we all live in into a garbage dump. A big concrete playground for well-to-do ‘environmentalists’ who clap at a business park. Shame on anyone who calls themself an environmentalist and supports a business park. That disgusts me. So many sell-outs, you have turned your back to the needs of Mother earth, while she is on her deathbed. Shame on you for the planet you are leaving for the next seven generations. Shame on all of you.

    • K.

      Oh, give me a break, Kelly.. go back to your friggin kiln already. How many products from China, India, Korea, do you purchase? Is the computer you use to spout this nonsense made in Canada?

      It’s about JOBS! but you and the Hulet types don’t get that.

  3. Leonard


    Good on you, the mayor and the rest of council for putting up with all this abuse in order to make Guelph a better, more sustainable place to live and work for us and future generations.

    I consider myself an environmentalist – like many councillors – and I support the HCBP. If I didn’t support it, I might protest. But I certainly would not insist on wearing a mask to hide my identity. A protest is worth nothing if you won’t put your name behind it.

    Any fool can dress up, hurl insults and threaten people. But it takes courage, resolve and integrity to stand for elected office and stand behind the decisions you make on behalf of your constituents.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Peter Sainte-Virule

    Hi folks,

    For starters, y’all keep saying ‘anarchy’. Anarchism is a school of political thought characterized by decentralization and egalitarianism, which means, simply put, no leaders and no hierarchies. A quick wikipedia search will have you using that word more appropriately in no time, and familiarize you with a long-standing and interesting idea.
    I personally identify as an anarchist, which means I don’t think that having leaders (be they the rich developers, elected politicians, unelected bureaucrats, police chiefs, or judges) is the way to create a just society. When I see a group of the rich and powerful meeting to celebrate something that will make them richer and more powerful, I am opposed to this. So sure, you can say the protest was about anarchy if you want to, in the sense that it was opposed to the excesses of those who would be our leaders. Of course though, certainly not everyone protesting identified as anarchists.

    I don’t think being an elected politician is any more courageous than being a banker, a lawyer, or an insurer — these are all jobs that mostly just involve wearing a suit to work and playing games with other peoples’ lives. They are not courageous things to do. What are you risking? You make tons of money, gain prestige, and have the full support and protection of the police.
    It’s courageous to stand up in the faces of the powerful and let them know that they are killing us and the land, that we do not respect them, and that we will not accept their presumed authority over us and the land. If you want to talk courage, it’s resistance that’s courageous, and wearing a mask is simply prudent to avoid ginormous lawsuits or getting your phone tapped.

    I’ve posted this in a few places now, but of course people are angry. If you are not angry, then you would do well to ask yourself how that can be when a handful of people can turn the land on which we all depend into money for themselves.

    And a politician is accusing activists of a cult of personality? You got your job by smiling for cameras and putting up signs with your name on them.

  5. Brian Holstein

    “Some friends and I went to this protest, it was the most fun I had in a long time.”

    Kelly, please post a photo of you and your friends so that those who agree with the council can recognize you and remain out of spitting distance perchance we meet you on the street. The obsenities I can endure, even the obscene and childish ones, but not the deliberate and malicious spittle deposited onto my person.

    Fun indeed! Mature indeed!

    I think not.

  6. Kim

    “If you are not angry then you are not paying attention.”

    Imagine watching this territory change over the last couple hundred years. A handful of white guys show up and start cutting down trees. They invite more immigrants to come live here.

    The bears and wolves start to leave. The elk left a long time ago. The forest starts to quiet. Guelph grows larger. First one river is dammed, then another. The fish start to disappear.

    More forest is cut and burned to clear way for farms and more immigrants. Guelph grows larger still. The politicians talk of democracy and civic engagement.

    Fast forward to 2009. Almost no indigenous forest has survived this massacre. Massacred are so many native nations, native languages, native ways of life that preserved this territory forever. Gone are the sources of food we took for granted. In their place are children and elderly with asthma attacks on smog days. An epidemic of cancer.

    Scientists (many smarter than Al Gore) say the planet will be un-recognizable thanks to climate change. Kiss your future good-bye. David Suzuki said the other day in Waterloo, “The party is over.” Last year’s worst case predictions pale compared to last week’s science.

    Yet Guelph politicians smile and dig a hole to start another business park. Privileged people who identify as ‘environmentalists’ call it a worthy compromise.

    I am willing to bet that the wild animals of this territory, that forest on that land, the earth itself, would not be nearly so polite with those politicans and bureaucrats who showed up on Thursday. It is time for serious change, but they don’t seem to give a shit.

  7. The Gospel of John

    But when they continued asking him, he looked up and said to them,
    “He who is without sin among you, let him hork the first oyster at her.”

  8. Bill D.

    Kim: The home of my ancestors was once forest and wild lands, where animals roamed freely and villages sustained themselves with what nature provided. Then the Vikings came, then the Romans, Saxons and Normans. They came because they had outgrown the lands in Germanic Europe and came to plunder the isles. They brought war, disease, religion. Then centuries later, when the isles were overcome with the impoverished product of greed and the people were starving, they shipped them in disease ridden boats during the Highland Clearances, and then decades later during the Potato Famine, and dumped them on the shores of this wilderness to eke out a meagre survival. And the bulk of French settlers earlier in the 1700s were indentured servants.

    Kim – your point about the indigenous people of Canada is well-taken. Greedy, opportunistic white people did do great damage to this land we all call home. But you cannot have us believe that all of today’s white Canadians are at fault? I wasn’t alive then and cannot apologize or be held responsible for the acts of my ancestors. All I can do is clean up after them and not make the same mistakes. We are all still cleaning up their mess from riverbank factories and PCB-laced farms. We don’t build or farm like that anymore.

    But my grandchildren need jobs too. They have a right to live and work in Guelph. Why not work in a job environment that is surrounded by trees, meadows and wetlands? Build trails so that employees can bike to work? The HCBP site plan will increase tree cover (yes, I know it takes 20 years to grow a tree to a decent size) and will restore 14 acres of meadow. So the farmers who cleared the land 100 years ago damaged the earth? Let’s repair it, enhance it, and live in harmony with it, including allowing some of it to be built upon? Living in harmony with the land includes human use too. I agree that some land should never be built upon. There has been a lot of land on the outskirts of Guelph that the city or others (like the Arboretum or GRCA) has bought and rehabilitated (like the east side of Watson Road between Stone and Arkell)– hundreds of acres protected. Former farmland now returned to Mother Earth. Hundreds of acres at Guelph Lake also naturalized, tree plantings, etc.. mostly former farmland. Starkey Hill, Arkell Springs, Preservation Park and Sanctuary Woods. All saved or restored.

    There are so many other pieces of land in jeopardy FAR more significant than the HCBP. Example, the DoLime quarry owners are mining below the water table. If anyone really cares about the water supply quality, where’s the protest?

  9. Bill Hulet

    It’s ironic to hear one of the protesters talk about how great anarchy is. They have proved themselves to be absolute masters of skimming around on the very edge of the law in order to tweak the nose of Council and the police. In the world without laws that Saint-Virule aspires for he and his “merry band” would have had the crap beaten out of them by his fellow citizens who are profoundly annoyed with all problems they have caused for the city. Goofy activists that thumb their noses at the concerns of ordinary citizens can only exist in a society where the police and the citizenry have a tremendous unwillingness to take the law into their own hands.

    • Kelly F.

      LOL!!!!! What a load! Bill H. doesn’t like this site at all! He had a front-row ticket to the anarchy! He probably organized it! Don’t be fooled by this clown.

  10. Bill D.

    Right on the mark Bill Hulet! It is indeed ironic that anarchist behaviour can only be expressed in a society where law and order are in place. In a true anarchy, the opposing side of any argument would feel equally compelled to assert their position in an equally anarchistic fashion, thus ending the argument one way or the other.

    While I would hate to see a return to a society where opposition to government is a charge of treason, neither do I wish to live in a society where the expression of opposing views in a blood sport. That’s why I am happy to live in a city that allows expression of all voices, peacefully, through an established public and democratic process. And once those voices are heard and compromises made, the decision is voted upon and implemented. That’s why I support this council’s actions. I may not like every single aspect of the HCBP, but I recognize that voices were heard and decisions were made democratically. I can’t have everything I want. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. That’s life.

  11. K.

    Bill Hulet and Bill D. are the same person. Split personalities off the meds is scary stuff.

  12. Bill D.

    LOL. Sorry to disappoint you. We’ve never met, but I like how he thinks.

    Is it frightening to believe that there is more than one person in Guelph who sees the forest AND the trees? Actually, there are a whole heck of a lot more than two of us, thank God.

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