Guelph Youth Music Centre /Goldie Mill Parking Lot

Thank you all very much for your comments on this project. On behalf of the City I apologise for any concern this situation has caused you.

I am writing to inform you of the progress of the work as promised. Please see the attached revised plan which was presented by staff at the public meeting, and the press release that followed the meeting which gives more information on the plan and next steps. Please note that this plan does not show lighting or proposed landscaping as we were not able to revise these drawings by the meeting time. These will be addressed in the final plan.

The focus group is currently being formed and will meet soon. The tender for the work has not been awarded, and construction timing will not be set until after the focus group work is finished. Once the results of the group work are known I will send you an another update.

Thank you again for your interest, Helen White

public meeting print- FULL SIZE

GYMC Parking Media release 1



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2 responses to “Guelph Youth Music Centre /Goldie Mill Parking Lot

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  2. Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceaitrnly make note of that.

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