Pissoir in Holand

Peter said you’d appreciate this.

It was taken a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam. (Love the sign.) TLpissoir in Amsterdam



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2 responses to “Pissoir in Holand

  1. john

    yha!!!!!! looks good ,so dose the pee stains on the wall.
    maybe you guys across the road should start w
    worrying were the money is comeing from.i do not think tax payers in general are happy about this prosses we can have perminet washrooms down
    town in one month just ask and i will solve our prblem.phone to set a get to gether.

  2. John

    I just noticed the little statues at the top of the entrance. Brilliant!

    Idea: Why don’t we replace the ‘The Family’ on the fountain in St. George’s Square with one called ‘The Tinkler’? Bar patrons can step right up and take care of business any time they please.

    The infrastructure is already in place, it can handle hundreds of gallons of recycled beer and it’ll assuage the grievance of every self-identified ‘taxpayer’ in town.

    This makes as much sense as doing nothing and continually braying about lack of action towards ‘cleaning up the downtown’. A phrase that’s losing meaning on a daily basis.

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