Motorcycle Parking in Downtown Guelph

I just moved to Guelph from Toronto where metered parking on the street has been free for Scooters and Motorcycles since 2005. There are a number of reasons for allowing free parking for motorcycles and scooters:

1.) Environment: A motorcycle consumes a mere fraction of the amount of fuel when compared to a car. In addition, a motorcycle emits much less pollution into the air we breathe.

2.) Parking Congestion: It’s no secret that parking in downtown Guelph is overcrowded. I have come to this city only to find out that I must be put on a “waiting list” to get into a parking lot remotely close to my workplace. Being small, you can fit about three to four motorcycles in a single parking space.

3.) Traffic Congestion: Motorcycles and scooters help to reduce the amount of traffic on our streets.

I think it would be wonderful if the City of Guelph would follow Toronto’s lead and consider allowing free parking to motorcycles and scooters in downtown Guelph. I am continuously impressed by Guelph’s commitment to the environment, and free motorcycle parking would be another step in our city’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint and alleviate parking congestion downtown.

If Guelph were to proceed with such an effort, I would recommend designated motorcycle parking spots scattered throughout downtown; this way we can ensure that we efficiently use what little parking space we have by triple or quadruple parking motorcycles in a single space.

I really hope that you will seriously consider this proposal, and I would be thrilled if you could bring this matter before city council.   BD


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