Gay Lea applies for Permit to take Water

Many of you have been following with great interest the application by Nestle to renew their Permit to take Water (PTTW) from the Guelph aquifer.

On April 17th Gay Lea submitted an application for a PTTW renewal.

This E-mail message has been sent to you as a result of the requirements of Ontario’s new Water Taking and Transfer Regulation (O.Reg 387/04). The regulation requires that the Ministry of the Environment notify municipalities and conservation authorities of applications for Permits to Take Water to withdraw water from locations within their jurisdiction.

You may examine the wording of the new Regulation online at the following web site:

Notification of Application for Permit to Take Water
Ministry Reference Number: 6678-6ZFJM2

Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited
21 Speedvale Ave W
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 1J2

Location of Water Taking(s):
Gay Lea Foods
21 Speedvale Ave W Lot 3340
Guelph City, County of Wellington

Ministry of the Environment Region: West Central

The proponent has applied for renewal of a Permit to Take Water No. 65-P-0322 for Gay Lea Foods Co-Operative Ltd. The Water will be drawn from Well No. 3 and pumped to a specially designed tank through a 50 microns bag filter.
Permit Type – Renewal
Source of Water – Well No. 3
Purpose of Taking: Water Supply
Period of Water Taking: January 1 to December 31, each year
Amount of Taking from Well No. 3:
Maximum rate per minute (Litres):1135
Maximum number of hours of taking per day: 24
Maximum volume per day (Litres) 1,635,000
Maximum number of days of taking per year: 365
Length of Time: 12 months of the year

Permit type: New

Length of Taking: 10 years

Registration link

Gay Lea recieved approval for a PTTW in 2003.

2003 approval link


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