No Cable, No Problem. Live Online Council.

TV setStarting March 26th, 2007 Guelph City Council meetings will be broadcast live online.

Accessible, Accountable, Transparent.

Rogers Television



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7 responses to “No Cable, No Problem. Live Online Council.

  1. Trish Fontyn

    No broadband neither!

  2. Lynn Broughton

    As someone who has never paid for television – clearly I’m childless – I love this move. No offense intended, but I’m not always willing/able to sit on those hard pews in council chambers to keep up to date. This is a welcomed leap in my wired world…

  3. Cynthia Woeller

    Whewhoooo- this is a great move. Being cable-free has its drawbacks, but we have been using our computer as a television for sometime now. This is just great, since I have a night class on mondays! Will it be live online on monday nights? Any repeat shows?

  4. Sandy Clipsham

    I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this…having never bought cable in my time in Guelph, I’ll look forward to tuning in to the latest developments.

  5. Sandy Clipsham

    Has anyone been able to make this work? I have a broadband connection, but went to the URL provided at 7 pm tonight, only to find the viewing area blank and the message:
    “Online feed is available only during broadcast times listed below.

    Our ongoing coverage of Guelph City Council keeps residents informed on the decisions and issues taking place at Guelph City Hall.

    Broadcast Schedule – Guelph City Council

    Monday, April 2nd LIVE at 7:00 PM”

    Is this only for Roger’s subscribers?

  6. ianward2


    I have checked with Rogers and they did not report any problems with their internet feed of last evening’s Guelph City Council meeting. They also checked out and confirmed that the link on our Ward 2 blog is correct.
    The Council meeting was a planning meeting which started at 7pm and ended at 8pm. The “Online feed…” message appears before and after the live broadcast.

    Hope this help,
    Ian Findlay

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