Open House meetings for new Main Library

The Guelph Public Library Board is hosting two open house meetings to present updated information regarding a new Main Library. The new facility is intended to be part of the proposed Baker District Project. KPMG has been contracted to present a business case for a new facility to City Council on February 13th, 2018.

When: Tuesday, January 9 — either 2 – 4 pm or 6 – 8 pm
Where: Main Library, Programming Room (2nd Floor), 100 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Why come to the open house?
This opportunity is to reintroduce the idea of a new Main Library. Please share what you want to see within a new Main Library.

Bring your ideas for the best use of public space.
We will review the major elements of our August 2017 (updated) Functional Plan.
We will discuss examples of how other cities in Ontario, and Canada have developed their main libraries.
For more information:
Steven Kraft, CEO, Guelph Public Library
519-824-6220, ext. 224


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Emergency Shelters during cold weather

thanks to the Guelph Wellington Poverty Elimination Task force, here’s an infographic for searching safe, warm locations in this cold snap. Call 1-888-437-3247 in an emergency. It’s an important time to support our most vulnerable residents


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Community Rink in Riverside Park East


The community skating rink in Riverside Park East is ready for skating. ( off of Riverside Dr.) This is the result of a great community effort including our oldest volunteer who is in his eighties! He takes care of the maintenance of our snow shovels.

This a fantastic Ward 2 neighbourhood project. Enjoy!

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Residential plow out scheduled for Guelph December 23

Residents asked to move parked cars off streets for plows
Guelph, Ont., December 23, 2017 – A residential plow out is scheduled to start at about 6 p.m. this evening, Saturday, December 23, and will continue until all roads are plowed.
A plow out is typically completed within 24 hours. Drivers returning home may discover a windrow at the base of the driveway or that the road has not yet been plowed. You can now use the new Plow Tracker map to track where plows are and sign up for email alerts on plow outs, all from
To accommodate the plow out, please move your parked vehicles off streets to allow plows to pass.
To stay safe during a storm, we recommend that you:
Allow for extra commute times and drive according to road conditions.
Please be patient with sidewalk clearing operations. If you’re able, please help clear sidewalks near your property. Seniors and residents with a physical disability who require assistance shoveling can call Snow Angels at 519-822-0912.
Keep fire hydrants clear of snow.
Do not place waste carts on top of snow banks or on the road as these pose obstacles to the City’s snow clearing operations. Instead, shovel a spot for your carts, or place them in the driveway one foot from the curb.
Help keep storm drains and catch basins clear to prevent flooding.
To keep roads safe and accessible, do not park across from another vehicle or driveway, and whenever possible, move parked cars off the streets to make room for snow plows.
The City’s winter maintenance service helps ensure community safety every day, and in the event of extreme weather. The minimum threshold for a plow out on residential roads is eight centimetres.
Continue to check, Facebook and Twitter for updates about City services that might be affected by the weather including recreation programming, public transit and garbage pickup.

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Ride Guelph Transit for free after 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve

Ring in 2018 with a free ride
Are you celebrating the start of a new year with family or friends on December 31? Enjoy all the night has to offer and get home safely with Guelph Transit for free.
Starting at 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, Guelph Transit will offer free rides every 30 minutes on the 99 Mainline route and six temporary routes (Zone 1 – South West, Zone 2 – South East, Zone 3 – North West, Zone 4 – North Central, Zone 5 – North East, and Zone 6 – West Central) created for New Year’s Eve.
Service on the 99 Mainline and temporary routes is extended until 2:30 a.m. to accommodate partygoers.
Thank you to Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for making the New Year’s Eve service possible through a generous, exclusive three-year partnership. In 2016, the brewery partnered with Guelph Transit to provide free public transit on a night where alcohol is typically consumed and to remind partygoers if they are going to drink, to not drive.
For more information

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Nomination period for 2018 municipal election opens in May

hi folks… The municipal election is next October and here are some new guidelines surrounding candidates and nominations. I’m encouraging people to ponder being a candidate. It’s the greatest way to participate in local democracy, and though I have nothing but respect for my colleagues on council, it is generally acknowledged that the 13 of us around that horseshoe do NOT represent the diversity found in our great community. Passing this along for your information in case you know someone who might be interested.

all the best


Guelph, Ont., December 18, 2017 – In less than a year, Guelph residents will elect the 2018-2022 Guelph City Council and School Board Trustees. Here are a few important changes to the Municipal Elections Act for potential candidates and residents to keep in mind.

Nomination period
The nomination period has been changed to May 1 through July 27. In previous elections it was January through mid-September.

Individuals wishing to register as candidates in the 2018 municipal election must ensure their nomination papers are filed within this time. The City will hold candidate information sessions in 2018; dates and times will be posted on when available.

Third party advertising
The Municipal Elections Act now regulates third party advertising. A third party advertiser is an individual, corporation or union that spends money on advertising in support of a candidate or a yes/no question on the ballot. A third party advertiser acts on their own, not on behalf of the candidate.

Third party advertisers will be required to register with the City between May 1 and October 19. Additional details will be posted on when available.

Important 2018 dates
May 1, 2018 – First day candidates can file nomination papers and first day third party advertisers can register
July 27, 2018 – Last day candidates can file nomination papers
October 12, 13 and 14, 2018 – Advance voting
October 19 – Last day for third party advertisers can register
October 22, 2018 – Election Day
October 23, 2018 – Election results declared
December 1, 2018 – New term of Council commences

More information
Forms and documents will be posted on in early 2018.

Still have questions? Contact the City Clerk’s Office at or 519-837-5625.

Media Contact
Stephen O’Brien, City Clerk
City Clerk’s Office
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 5644

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Facebook live discussion re: Hydro Merger, this Thursday 6 pm

Friends, council’s decision: to merge or not to merge- may be the most significant issue this term. In my view there is still a lot more awareness-raising to be done before the vote on December 13th… I urge you to check this opportunity for input out… and feel free to send me your views in advance of the meeting. I also urge you to consider a 5-minute delegation in support of your position. You have until the Friday at 10 am to notify that you’d like to appear before council at our 6:30 meeting on the 13th. Thanks, James


New date: Facebook Live discussion about Guelph Hydro merger December 7
After more than a year of industry research, in-depth financial analysis, and community input, Guelph City Council is considering a merger between Guelph Hydro Electric Systems and Alectra.

We want to hear from you again as City Council prepares to make its decision on December 13.

Facebook Live Thursday,December 7, 6 p.m.
Visit the City’s Facebook Page on Thursday, December 7 at 6 p.m. and post your questions and comments during the live discussion with:

· Derrick Thomson, City of Guelph chief administrative officer
· Pankaj Sardana, Guelph Hydro chief executive officer

City Council meeting Wednesday, December 13, 6:30 p.m.
Guelph City Council will hear delegations and make its final decision about the proposed merger during an open meeting as the shareholder of Guelph Hydro..

To speak to Guelph City Council during the meeting, please register by Friday, December 8, 2017.

About the proposed Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger
Local ownership and dividends

Next year, in addition to its regular annual dividend, Guelph Hydro would pay the City a special dividend of $18.5 million.

Over the next 20 years, dividends payable to the City would be $10 million more than than they would be if Guelph Hydro continued operating alone.

The City would receive a 4.63% ownership interest in Alectra. Guelph would receive one permanent seat on Alectra’s board of directors and have the right to appoint an independent director. Learn more about who owns Alectra

The Guelph Hydro brand would be used for one year following the merger.

Electricity distribution rates

Electricity distribution rates are not expected to go down after a merger, but they wouldn’t go up as much as they would if the City maintained full ownership of Guelph Hydro.

Guelph and Rockwood customers would avoid an estimated 5% distribution rate increase in 2021, and another estimated 5% increase in 2026, and would also benefit from the savings expected from consolidating the two companies. Learn more about electricity distribution rates

Service and reliability

Alectra would meet or exceed service standards and reliability for electricity distribution customers in Guelph and Rockwood.

Protection from privatization

Alectra is 97% municipally-owned, with the remaining 3% owned by a subsidiary of OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System). Alectra’s existing unanimous shareholders’ agreement is the result of extensive negotiation among its shareholders, none of whom planned to privatize.

Provisions in Alectra’s unanimous shareholder agreement, tax disincentives, and the municipal character of its shareholders are all protections against future privatization of the utility.

Green Energy & Technology Centre

Alectra would establish the Green Energy & Technology Centre at Guelph Hydro’s current location. The centre would be a platform for accelerating and integrating new and emerging energy technologies and help prepare Guelph’s local utility company to address Ontario’s changing energy landscape, and the global energy transformation already underway.

The GRE&T Centre would employ eight to ten people, and Alectra would invest $5 million in capital to convert parts of Guelph Hydro’s existing headquarters into demonstration areas, laboratories or showrooms. It would invest an additional $3 million annually to fund pilot projects, demonstrations, salaries, administration, marketing, and partnerships.


Guelph Hydro’s current location would become a Southwest Operations Centre for at least 10 years.

Guelph Hydro employs about 130 people. Approximately 30 positions are expected to be addressed through attrition, voluntary retirement or voluntary separation, whenever possible. An equal number of positions would be offered relocation opportunities within Alectra starting in 2019, with the majority of moves occurring in 2020 and 2022.

Guelph Hydro employees will be treated equitably and with respect. Fair programs will be developed to support employees should they wish to transition from the organization voluntarily.

Ontario Energy Board approval

The merger would be submitted to the Ontario Energy Board for approval. Among other things, the board would have to be satisfied that the merger would not cause harm to consumers with respect to price; and adequacy, reliability and quality of electricity service.

City Council report and presentation for December 13 meeting

Energizing Tomorrow community survey results community questions and comments

About Alectra Utilities (print-friendly pdf)

Learn more. Ask us anything.
519-822-1260 extension 3481


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