Clean and Green Community cleanup postponed one week

The weather has us beat. If you’ve signed up to help this weekend with the ward 2 team… hold on to your rake for another week… we’ll try it on the 29th instead… here’s the official press release about it!

Clean and Green Participants,

It seems that mother nature is just not going to cooperate for the clean-up this weekend, so even though we’ve been trying to remain optimistic and the weather forecast is predicting some sun by Saturday it doesn’t seem that this will be in time to melt the thickness of the ice we have accumulated and it will be very difficult if not impossible to pick-up litter hidden under the ice.

We’re trying to avoid a “clean and white” therefore we have decided to postpone the Clean and Green event and celebratory BBQ to the following Saturday April 28th. All the event details will remain the same, it is just the date that is changing and we hope to see many of you at the Picnic Shelter at Riverside Park at noon to celebrate after a job well done next weekend.

If your group is not available to postpone to next weekend and you would still like to go ahead as planned this Saturday please let us know by reply email and we will have our staff pick-up any garbage you do collect on Monday. Otherwise we will assume you will join us next week instead.

The clean-up kit pick-ups time and dates will remain the same, they are available for pick-up today April 18th and Thursday April 19th at the front desk at the Victoria Road Recreation Centre, 151 Victoria Road N between the hours of 7a.m.-8p.m. As mentioned previously, for those interested, Universal Precautions (sharps) training will be available on a drop in basis at this location in the willow room from 12pm- 7pm on April 18th and 19th.

Thank you all again so much for your amazing support in keeping our community clean, this year 1,280 of you signed up, the most participants we’ve ever had!

Customer Service
15th Annual Clean & Green Community Cleanup
Parks & Forestry | City of Guelph
519-822-1260 x 3305


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Action Read Fundraiser in Ward 2 this weekend

It’s a busy week in Ward 2! Our great community hub the Guelph Youth Music Centre on Cardigan Street is hosting this great fundraiser for Action Read… a very worthy cause… here are the details… attend if you can! Eventbrite.AR_FLOW 2018_Poster

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Fundraisers For Brant Avenue Youth Group

Hi again folks… The Brant Avenue Youth Group is going to participate again this year in the “muddy Grape” endurance run fundraiser sponsored by the Guelph Police. They’d love your help to get there… soooo…

SATURDAY APRIL 28th at 9:30 am they are putting on a car wash at New Life Church on Victoria…

Wednesday May 9, 2018 a special fundraising Pizza night
5:30 Boston Pizza
We will shadow servers & the Host/Hostess for a portion of Dining Room Sales
Kindly make your
RESERVATIONS: 519 826-5200

Check these excellent events out!




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City plans for remediation work at Goldie Mill Park

Many of you Ward Twovians have been asking about this- Here’s today’s announcement-

Guelph, Ont., April 16, 2018 — The City of Guelph has received final soil testing results for Goldie Mill Park and is set to begin remediation work this summer.

Site testing has confirmed earlier results; that chemicals in the soil are consistent with those typically found based on the site’s former manufacturing activities. Historically, the Goldie Mill property was used as a sawmill, foundry, cooperage, distillery, piggery and tannery. The west side of Joseph Wolfond Park was used for furniture manufacturing operations.

Remediation work is part of the City’s plan to address soil conditions and sinkholes in the park, which is owned by the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) and managed by the City. A plan will be put in place to protect workers and contractors who may come into contact with the soil.

The City will cap the soil at certain locations within the park to address shallow soil impacts and eliminate potential health risks. In some cases, an asphalt covering will be used (e.g. trail area). In other areas, a geomembrane—a synthetic membrane liner that prevents material getting through—will be laid down with clean soil and mulch added on top.

This work will eliminate both the safety risk from the existing sinkholes and any health risk posed by the current soil conditions. Once the work is done the park will reopen for public use.
Background and testing

Last June, the City, with support from the GRCA, closed a section of the park after environmental testing commissioned by the GRCA revealed chemicals in the soil may pose health risks. Since then, both the City and GRCA have conducted environmental tests to better understand potential risks at the site and to determine if any actions were needed to address them.

Most chemical impacts were found more than 0.76 metres below the surface. However, impacts were also identified in shallower soils. There were no impacts identified in groundwater.

To ensure the public’s health and safety, the site will remain closed during the remediation work, which includes backfilling the sinkholes.

The City expects to reopen the park in late summer or early fall 2018 and will resume bookings of the site, popular for weddings, for 2019.

The additional environmental testing cost the City about $35,000 and the GRCA about $28,000. The cost to address the soil condition and sinkholes is estimated to be $450,000.

For more information or to access environmental testing reports to date, visit

About Goldie Mill Park

Goldie Mill Park, including the ruins, is owned by the GRCA and the City manages its maintenance and programming, including renting the ruins for events.


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Special Council meeting this Wednesday Apr. 18th regarding 75 Dublin Street

75 Dublin isn’t in Ward 2, but it’s a controversial development proposal involving a proposed complex on top of Church Hill that would have an impact on the heritage aspect of Guelph’s most prominent view and on the immediate neighbourhood.  I won’t comment on my ‘take’ on this till I hear all the delegations and the full staff report, but I think it’s an important meeting for determining our growth and urban ‘built-form’ standards. The meeting is in City Hall council chambers at 6 pm.

Here are two links to recent articles and editorials about the issue.

Hope to see some of you Twovians there.



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Guelph plow out starts tonight ( Sunday ) at 6 p.m.

If you can, please move parked cars off the street

A residential plow out is scheduled to start at about 6 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, and will continue until all roads are plowed. A plow out is typically completed within 24 hours. Visit to use the Plow Tracker map.

Please help keep storm drains clear

Heavy rain expected today and tomorrow increases the risk of flooding. Please help clear snow that may be blocking catch basins in front of your property to help prevent flooding.

Winter road conditions likely to continue tomorrow

To stay safe during and after a storm, we recommend that you:

· Allow for extra commute times and drive according to road conditions.
· Please be patient with sidewalk clearing operations. If you’re able, please help clear sidewalks near your property. Seniors and residents with a physical disability who require assistance shoveling can call Snow Angels at 519-822-0912.
· Keep fire hydrants clear of snow.
· Do not place waste carts on top of snow banks or on the road as these pose obstacles to the City’s snow clearing operations. Instead, shovel a spot for your carts, or place them in the driveway one foot from the curb.
· Help keep storm drains and catch basins clear to prevent flooding.
· To keep roads safe and accessible, do not park across from another vehicle or driveway, and whenever possible, move parked cars off the streets to make room for snow plows.
· The City’s winter maintenance service helps ensure community safety every day, and in the event of extreme weather. The minimum threshold for a plow out on residential roads is eight centimetres.
· Continue to check, Facebook and Twitter for updates about City services that might be affected by the weather including recreation programming, public transit and garbage pickup.


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Here’s a cool new Ward 2 thing!

Proof that Ward 2 is the grooviest ward!

see below…. AND I’m going to throw in a plea… The ward 2 Spring Cleanup is April 21st… can any of you join me? I’ll be a lonely councilor picking up garbage, would love some company. It’s fun and there’s a free lunch! James


Here’s the cool part!

Flying discs, not UFOs, land at Riverside Park
Disc golf course grand opening planned for April 14

Guelph, Ont., March 29, 2018 – The grand opening of Riverside Park’s nine-hole disc golf course takes place on April 14. The City invites players and families of all skill levels to come and test the new course and learn how to play from seasoned players.

“Disc golf is a combination of ultimate frisbee and golf,” explains Ian Ferguson, supervisor of turf and sports fields for the City of Guelph. “Players move from hole to hole, trying to get their disc into the disc golf basket at each hole. The goal is to complete the course in as few throws as possible.”

The grand opening event will kick off at noon on Saturday, April 14 in the east end of the park off of Speedvale Avenue, behind the fire station. Registration will happen as participants arrive, between 11:30 and 12:30 p.m. Join in on brief information sessions on how to play disc golf, and purchase discs from The Bookshelf, Action Mobility, Guelph Disc Golf Club and more. City staff will stagger entry so everyone gets a chance to test the course.

“We’re really excited to open this disc golf course,” says Ferguson “This project is a good example of how good ideas can be put to great use for the benefit of our entire community.”

Ferguson was the original proposer of the course, having been a a disc golf enthusiast himself. He was granted funding to build the course through the City’s Innovation Fund – a corporate fund that supports employee ideas that are pitched, reviewed by a peer panel and implemented if they are successful.

The course is free for anyone to use on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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