Another Great Ward 2 Fundraiser

I can’t believe I won’t be able to attend, since they’re playing my song! YOU can though– this is a great Ward 2 event!



Spectacular Fundraising Concert at the Guelph Youth Music Centre featuring Guelph Youth Singers, Suzuki String School of Guelph, GYMC String Orchestras and Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra. Grand Finale with everyone performing James Gordon’s Song of Our City.

Tickets $25 adults, $15 seniors & students (to age 18)
Phone orders 519.837.1119

Under One Roof is a fundraising concert organized by the Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC) to help support its programs for children and youth in the community.


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A good WARD TWO cause to support!

Hi folks… a plea from a great Ward 2 initiative, I just donated.
Now it’s YOUR Turn!
Here’s a note from Lynne Kloostra from the Brant Neighbourhood Group, which does amazing work in that part of our ward. Please help if you can. James
As many of you know, the Brant Neighbourhood Group has a Food and Friends student nutrition program available to our school age children in the community. The morning meal program has been running here for the past 6 years. Many children arrive at school each day without any food to sustain them an entire school day. We know once healthy food is provided, a child’s world changes. They become more alert, able to concentrate, improve socially, physically and academically. This program is vital to our community. Our Food and Friends morning meal program is running our annual live free fundraiser.
Giving is very easy. Simply click on link below and choose the Brant Ave Neighbourhood Group from the drop down choices.
Brant Ave Neighbourhood Group
To donate online click here:
Katie, Nicki and Lynne will all give up something that has meaning to them on Feb 27th for the day to do our part to contribute to the live free campaign.
You can either make a donation here at the Friendship Place (35 Algonquin Road) or make a secure donation online. 
For this, we have created a bit of an incentive and that is for every donation you make (even $2 helps us reach our goal of $200) your name will be entered into a draw.  You can choose between a frozen turkey, $20 grocery gift card or a $25 Indigo gift card – you choose which draw you would like your name to go into) Every dollar we raise helps fund our program here at the Friendship Place.
Thank you for your support!
Thanks and have a great day!
Lynne Kloostra
Neighbourhood Support Worker
Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group

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Results from Ward Town Hall Meeting January 12th

It was an exciting but chilly afternoon with our first town hall of the term. Lots of great ideas for priorities moving forward. Here’s a summary from Councillor Goller. Thanks Rodrigo! James

Saturday January 12th Ward 2 Community Town Hall
Location: St. Patrick’s Catholic School, 391 Victoria Road North, Guelph
Time: 1:30pm ~ 4:00pm
Attendance: 32 community members plus both Ward 2 Councillors
What Happened: On Saturday January 12th, Ward 2 Councillors Goller and Gordon hosted their first Town Hall of 2019. Thirty two community members came out to have their say, ask questions, present areas of concern and provide direction.
The session began with community members taking turns to speak and identify issues. Each issue was posted as a discussion topic on an agenda wall. While community members identified issues, City Councillors Gordon and Goller provided clarification and brief updates.
Once all community members had a chance to voice issues, questions and concerns, the agenda wall was grouped into discussion topics, and community members were invited to participate in smaller group conversations. These groups discussed each topics area and were encouraged to write down their specific concerns, directions and suggestions.
Below is the list of priority areas and direction provided by community members.

Crime & Safety
Get police to tell neighbours what they can do to help reduce crime
Regarding drugs – lobby for provincial and federal funding and resources to support people with addictions and mental health problems. This is a problem that should be supported by provincial agencies and not property tax dollars
Focus on prevention to help people with mental health problems
Start Neighbourhood Watch programs

Urban Design & Development
Follow the masterplan and secondary plans – do not allow exemptions for developers
Make deviations & exemptions from City’s masterplans more difficult to get
Require residential developments to include mixed “real” affordable housing
Challenge new developers to match job creation with housing development
Urban Design Plan and City Bylaws should encourage medium and high density buildings, including high-rises, condos/apartments and town homes
Restrict all building height to a maximum of 4 stories
Be considerate of streetscapes when allowing new developments so streets feel cohesive
Use separate and independent body (watch-dog) that is hired by the City to provide property valuation, rather than allowing developers to hire their own land values

Traffic & Parking
Engage community on street parking to make sure you’re getting it right the first time
Explore allowing overwinter parking on boulevard section of driveways like Kitchener is doing
More enforcement of on-street parking, particularly on narrow streets so other vehicles can get through safely
Speedvale multi-use underpass is needed faster than 5 years from now
Increase speed controls with more police enforcement and technology (like radar speed signs and school zone speed cameras)
Create a Community Safety Zones along Victoria, Speedvale & Watson to limit and divert truck traffic
Free up police resources by bringing the following technology to Guelph:
Red Light Cameras
Traffic Speed Cameras
School Bus Stop Arm Cameras

Public Transit
Increase number and frequency of public transit routes
Have busses running every 30 minutes
Use smaller busses
Improve reliability

Driveways & Sidewalks
Whenever possible, replace sidewalks with shared pedestrian/bicycle paths that are physically separated from vehicle traffic
Bicycle routes must be separated from vehicle traffic
Ensure new developments have physically divided bicycle lanes
Adjust bylaws to allow all driveways to have 2 cars
Sidewalk snow removal is unnecessary – Residents should be required to shovel their own driveways & social programs like Snow Angels can support people with mobility issues
Councillors should update people on community projects via newsletter, including bus route changes, condo developments, street construction, etc.
Use text message notices (just like the City already does with Solid Waste Collections), and allow people to sign up for categories, like bus routes, road construction, planning applications, etc.

Downtown & Community Culture
Create a second centre for seniors – an ‘Evergreen 2’ on the south end
Use to promote community events and organizations
Increase funding for community support groups and services
Encourage people from different Wards to get together and discuss City-Wide issues
Start ‘meet your neighbor’ days
Make it easier for community members to find and book meeting and event spaces

Parks & Green Spaces
Enforce tree placement so all streets have trees. Some newer streets barely have any trees at all. Use arborists’ expertise
Have foresight – long term planning for green spaces and parkland
Plant more trees. Care for trees that are already planted. Stop clear cutting by developers
Make parks a community responsibility – use adopt-a-park programs to help maintain and beautify city parks (prevent and clean up graffiti, garbage pick days, etc)
Provide a strong response to the Provincial Bill 66, to maintain municipal ability to control growth

Do you have further thoughts, questions or comments? Here’s the contact information for City Council:

Your Voice Matters! There are the next scheduled Ward 2 Town Hall Meetings:
Saturday March 23rd at 1:30pm, Evergreen Senior’s Centre, 683 Woolwich St
Saturday May 25th at 1:30pm, Waverley Public School, 140 Waverley Dr

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Baker Street workshop sets stage for vision, goals

Hi Folks… this is not in Ward 2 – but it’s about 100 ft. away, and it will have a real impact on our city. I urge you to offer your input!

Guelph, Ont., January 4, 2019 – You’re invited to attend one of two drop-in workshops on January 15 as we gather community input to help shape the sustainability vision and goals for the Baker District redevelopment project.

The workshops will run from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. in the Canada Company Hall at River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich Street. The content for both sessions is the same, and you can drop in or leave at any point.

Come talk with City staff and members of the Windmill Development Group team about the development and One Planet Living design principles. You can also provide input into the new central library design and programming by talking with library staff and members of the Invizij Architects Inc. team.

Workshop content will be online at by January 21 for community members who can’t attend the open house.

About the project

The Baker District redevelopment is a City of Guelph project aimed at transforming the existing parking lot and properties fronting the north end of Wyndham Street into a unique mixed-use development, including new central Guelph Public Library.

The Downtown Secondary Plan envisions the district becoming a model of urban intensification that drives visitors to the downtown and encourages business to thrive within its boundaries by combining residential and commercial/institutional spaces. The project also includes public parking and an urban square.

To learn more about the Baker District redevelopment project, visit or to participate in engagement activities, visit

For more information

Martin Jewitt
Program Manager, Portfolio Development
Business Development and Enterprise
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3360

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Ward 2 Town Hall meetings start Jan.12th

Happy New Year Everyone!  OH… and don’t forget that Ward 2 is the center of New Year’s Attention as usual with Fireworks tonight at 8 in Riverside Park. ( Even if it rains ). Public Transit is Free after 7 pm too!

Rodrigo Goller and myself are looking forward to working with you this coming year. We want to connect with you regularly, and with our 2019 Budget coming right up, we’re starting January 12th at 1:30 pm at St. Patrick’s School- 391 Victoria Road. Here’s the poster with additional info. Please spread the word to your neighbours. We hope to see you there!

all the best for the coming year,

James and Rodrigo

Town Hall Ward 2 Poster2

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Curbside Waste Collection Reminder

Hi Ward Twovians:  The 2019 Curbside Waste Collection Guide should be available at all city facilities by the end of this week. Check out this website if you’d like to get the cool app that let’s you get all kinds of info fast… and you can sign up to get weekly reminders instead of doing what I do- wander down the street to see what everyone else is doing!



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Free Transit on New Year’s Eve!

Ring in 2019 with a free ride

Ride Guelph Transit for free after 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve

Are you celebrating the start of a new year with family or friends on December 31? Enjoy all the night has to offer and get home safely with Guelph Transit for free.

Starting at 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, Guelph Transit will offer free rides on all of its routes. Service is also extended to accommodate partygoers with the last bus leaving Guelph Central Station at 2:15 a.m.

Thank you to Sleeman Breweries Ltd. for making the New Year’s Eve service possible through a generous, exclusive three-year partnership. In 2016, the brewery partnered with Guelph Transit to provide free public transit and to remind partygoers if they are going to drink, to not drive.

For more information


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