Resumption of overnight parking restriction

Staff memo.

Please note the overnight parking restriction (2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.) which is in effect annually resumes November 1.

To prepare the public for the return of this restriction and to provide information on the City’s parking exemption process, starting later this week

:Announcements will be placed in local print media (Tribune, Ontarion)

· Public information will be provided through the City’s web page and social media

· Public service announcements will occur on local radio stations

·Bylaw staff will attach advisory notices to vehicles found parked on-street during these hours As per our exemption process, weather permitting and under certain conditions, residents may request overnight parking exemptions by calling 519 836-PASS (7277) or on line usingthe City ’s “ How Can We Help You ” tab

. Inquiries or exemptions for extenuating circumstance can also be directed to
the Bylaw Compliance Office at 519 8 37-2529

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Coverage in the Toronto Star/ Challenge of transforming cities

Staff memo

We are delighted with the recognition the City of Guelph and our community partners , businesses and volunteers have received from Don Tapscott.

As you may know, last spring Don Tapscott wrote an article in the Toronto Star asking cities to meet 7 key challenges. In reviewing the article, I saw that Guelph has been doing great work in all 7 areas for the last several years. In fact, most of our Corporate Strategic Plan aligned to his insights.

So, beginning in the early summer months both myself and Barbara S have been reaching out to Don and his circle of colleagues to have him take a good look at our work here. We also asked the Mayor’s Office to reach out to him.

Seems that we were the only City to take this initiative and it has resulted in today’s article. Very exciting recognition for the great work of all involved.

This is the outcome of a great team effort and an example of the recognition our Corporation should expect now that we are building our relationships with intergovernmental agencies and documenting our work through public affairs. For another example, we published an article in this months’ Municipal World on “Transforming Local Government” and participated on an international panel at the “CityAge” – the Innovative City conference earlier this month in Waterloo. There, we highlighted our Open Government / Open Data work.

We hope to have more excellent coverage for our great city in the months to come!

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Below is the electronic article. We expect it will be published tomorrow in the Insight section.

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Ticats: Dateline June 13, 2012 5:30 PM

Staff memo from 2012.

You may be aware of the Opinion/Editorial in the Guelph Mercury this afternoon:–making-a-pass-for-cfl-football

This is a quick note to advise that City staff have contacted our counterparts at the University of Guelph and we hope to hear back from them tomorrow.

As per initiatives occurring in non- City owned facilities and at this time, the initial lead in undertaking a conversation with the Hamilton Tiger Cats would be the University of Guelph.

City staff are happy to support their mutual discussions and will advise you if this matter progresses.

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Downtown Guelph Banners

DGBA press release.

The next time you’re driving, walking or cycling along Gordon Street, look up. Beginning at the bridge by Royal City Park and continuing north to Waterloo Avenue, you’ll find an series of banners highlighting the array of shops, restaurants and services in Downtown Guelph.

From wood-fired pizza at Buon Gusto to ice cold beer at the Woolwich Arrow Pub, photographer Dean Palmer’s stunning photographs entice passersby to “dig in” downtown. Colourful images showcasing clothing and wares from retailers such as NU Consignment, BioPed and Sweet Violets remind shoppers that everything they need for home and lifestyle is available in Downtown Guelph. Passersby need only visit the mobile-friendly websites ( and headlining each banner for a complete directory of Downtown Guelph’s eateries, shops and services.

Although the 45 participating businesses were asked to pay a nominal fee to reserve their banner spots, the project was primarily sponsored by the Downtown Guelph Business Association (DGBA), who also coordinated the design (by Ballyhoo Media), photography, production and installation of the 54 double-sided banners.

Installation of the banners began on the evening of Tuesday, October 7, 2014 and will be completed overnight on Wednesday, October 8, 2014. The “Dig In / Shop On” banners will hang through the holiday season and will then be stored for winter. Over the next two years, the banners will hang from April until November.

The DGBA is both proud of the story the banners tell and excited about this opportunity to showcase Downtown Guelph’s offerings to travellers on one of our city’s main thoroughfares.

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Your Ward 2 Councillor choices

Martin Collier –

Ray Ferraro –

James Gordon –

Chris Keleher, Sr -

Sian Matway –

Andy Van Hellemond –

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The Sausage Party of Guelph

For some time now, Grass Roots Guelph has been critical of Guelph’s political leadership.

For the 2014 municipal election, GRG has promoted an ideology with a slate of candidates that will take Guelph in a very different direction.

This radical political alternative requires scrutiny.

The Sausage Party of Guelph is a satirical look at Grass Roots Guelph and their ideology.

Below are a sampling of Sausage Party of Guelph tweets. Follow @SausagePartyG on Twitter.

Warning: Sausage Party of Guelph tweets have been described as juvenile, immature and unprofessional.


The #SausageParty of Guelph. Knowing what’s best for Guelph’s future since the 1950’s.
— Guelph Sausage Party (@SausagePartyG) September 21, 2014

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Transformation in Local Government

Good work happening here in Guelph. Memo from Staff.

You will find an article which I authored in your October edition of Municipal World Magazine. It is entitled `Transformation in Local Government. `The Editors wrote a tag line that reads `Municipalities must sink or swim, adapt or fail, as old systems are being challenged by new realities.`

The contents of the article will be very familiar to you; it echo’s much of the writing and conversations we have had together about transforming our organization. Specifically, the article defines the shift municipal governments are facing, speaks favourably about our Guelph vision `Making a difference….`and how our community`s DNA is about innovation.

Further, I outline the transformational leadership characteristics that we have discussed over the last year and are echoing in the soon to be signed off Leadership Charter for staff.

Specifically, I encourage the need for public service leaders to:

1. Be open, share knowledge and provide context

2. Let go, listen deeply, grow empathy and lead from the heart

3. Create a culture of safe-fail and courage

4. Be bold, creative and disruptive – and drop the perfection

5. Be informed and part of the community

6. Pause, breath and be open.

MW-Oct2014 Pappert

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